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About Me

Pete MayoPete Mayo MS, LPC, CSAC

Mental Health/Substance Abuse Therapist , Family & Group Counselor:

Life Lesson:

The first lesson of life that I wished I learned as a child that led me to working with the youth of today is that there is always another side to the story or the person. I was often the recipient of bullying and my home life was not what it appeared to be on the outside so as I grew and tried to put on a “mask” to adapt to others to fit in I always struggled with how to feel.  As I got older it was nice to have people get to know the real me but it took me many of my years of childhood and adolescence to fight through a lot of going it alone.  Years have passed and now I am a dad who is in a different role of worrying about my children as they interact with peers, school and the world around them. There was no instruction booklet to growing up and I have yet to find a perfect one for parenting in today’s complex world either.  I do feel the circle of life filling in daily as I remind my kids that there are two sides to every person they talk about when they come home from school.  When my kids show compassion and voice hurt and feelings but can identify a solution and succeed I know my life lesson was tough to learn but I’m glad I can teach it to the adults and younger generations now so things do not need to be tough moving forward.  

What I Have Done As A Counselor:
I began my career in 2002 and I have worked in out-patient clinics in Oshkosh, Appleton, and Fond du Lac. In these settings I did mental health and substance abuse counseling with individuals and groups of all ages but I specialized mainly in kids and adolescents.  

For Those Professional Interested, Here Are My Credentials…

  • Masters of Science

  • Wisconsin Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Wisconsin Licensed Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor

Things about me…

As a therapist I feel that counseling can be intimidating for people of all ages so I believe in using humor and lighthearted approach to begin building those solid foundations needed for our youth and young adults to succeed.  I want them to be able to build their coping skills, develop problem solving goals, and look at ways to change negative thoughts into ones that will make life more peaceful and especially enjoyable.  My goal for clients of all ages is to look at how thoughts and beliefs create our difficulties and no matter what the age, or issues at hand we will be in this together.

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